Summer Camp 2018

Summer Camp 2018 – Plans are underway for this year’s summer’s camp.

Desert Flowers Summer Camp will be offered to children ages 3 ½ to 7 years of age. Camp will begin the week of June 4th with half day (mornings) and full day options. There will not be camp the week of July 2nd-6th or the week before school resumes. Stay posted for specific rates, dates & registration information.

Emergency Safety Procedures – DMS Handbook

After the tragedy in Florida on February 14th, some DMS parents and community members have inquired about what DMS emergency protocols are in place to protect students. We have a full Emergency Response Plan and a summary has always been available in the Parent Handbook.

The DMS Parent Handbook is posted on under Community > Parent Resources. The handbook provides the guidelines for our curriculum, student conduct, discipline, policies and operations. Under the operations section is an outline of our Emergency Safety Procedures.

DMS does not release the full Emergency Response Plan to the public, which is typical for many schools, to ensure the safety of the students. Desert Marigold’s complete Emergency Response Plan is available for viewing only in the main office.

Emergency Safety Procedures

Crisis Management – The safety of the students and the security of the campus are of the utmost importance to the teachers and staff. In an emergency, the crisis management protocols in the Emergency Response Plan will be followed with director level staff managing the situation.

Evacuations – Regular fire drills take place to assure students know how to respond and are familiar with evacuation procedures.

Lockdown/Sheltering in Place – Should it become necessary shelter in place due to a natural disaster, severe weather or environmental hazard, or lock down due to a civil disturbance, or other dangerous circumstance beyond our control, these procedures will be followed:

  • All students will shelter in place, or brought into a safe space if outside.
  • If a lockdown, doors and windows will be secured and locked and 911 will be called.
  • Students and staff will remain in their locations until the campus is deemed secure and safe again or predetermined safe escape route(s) are utilized.

Parent Preparation


  • Parents will be notified in emergency situations as soon as it is clear what action is required of parents–first by text blast and then by email with any further detailed instructions—including any alternative pick-up arrangements.
  • If the emergency is of a longer duration, all efforts will be made to provide periodic updates.
  • If no action is needed on the part of parents, the crisis management team will determine what form of reporting is necessary to inform parents.

Although your first reaction would be to call or rush to your child’s school, we request you do the following:

  • Please do not call or come to the school, this only complicates matters from a safety and security standpoint as it may hinder the efforts of emergency responders or police.
  • Do not call your child directly because emergency protocols prohibit cell communications, other than by teachers, for safety reasons.
  • Stay close to your phone and email for updates and instructions.
  • Rely only on official communications from the school or public safety officials.
  • If alternative pickup arrangements are indicated after an evacuation, students will be released ONLY to parents/guardians who are documented as emergency contacts.

Desert Marigold’s complete Emergency Response Plan is available for viewing only in the main office. 

Letter to Community from Mr. Burkam – Feb 15

Dear DMS Families,

On this day after another mass school shooting, we at Desert Marigold School want to extend our hearts to the victims, survivors, and families of this latest tragedy. I cannot imagine the devastation felt in the community around Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Two staff members at the school lost their lives–putting the safety of the students first–before the first responders arrived.

For school administrators and leaders, messaging and providing support for children, teachers, and parents has become a too frequent task. There is inevitable concern about disaster fatigue as we struggle to find the right words and actions in response to multiple major events.

We appreciate the great responsibility we have to keep your children safe while at school. I want to reassure you that your school leaders evaluate each of these events in light of our Emergency Response Plan, to make sure we are as prepared as possible for any event that could jeopardize campus safety.

We all share concerns for our own children, schools, and community with other communities throughout our country. One cannot help feeling uncertain and somewhat fearful in the aftermath of such an event. What can we, as a Waldorf community, offer to each other to navigate these troubling times? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Create a safe space; emphasize the importance of routines and rhythms. It is reassuring when the everyday life and demands of school continue.
  • Nurture relationships; important for all of us, bringing a feeling of “I see you and care about You”.
  • Encourage a connection with nature for its powerful healing and grounding qualities.
  • Be mindful of limiting exposure to repeated, graphic images of disaster scenes.

Thank you for all you do to join us in this endeavor to be safe and feel secure.


Charles Burkam, Executive Director

Senior Project Presentations – Feb 20 & 21

Dear DMS Community,
Every year, based on their interests, each senior undertakes an independent research project that culminates in an presentation. Seniors strengthen skills that last a lifetime—including the ability to think for themselves and work on their own.
Please mark your calendars for next Tuesday, February 20th and Wednesday, February 21st to come watch this year’s Senior Projects. They are being held at 6:30 pm, in Parzival Hall (the Eurythmy Room.)
The seniors have been working diligently to prepare for this event, and welcome your support.
Hope to see you there!
Ms. Cummings

Double the Inspiration – Give by Mar 9 to Fund the 3/4 Porch

A DMS family has generously offered to gift match up to $3,500 for a new outdoor learning and shaded porch area for the lower grades buildings. An extension of the 3rd & 4th grade classrooms will offer a much needed covered space for outdoor learning, eating and playing.

We have until Friday, March 9th to receive the matching gift donations.

Double the Impact – Any dollar amount will be matched. Consider giving what you are able to help fund this beautiful addition to our campus. This match is a great opportunity to give your first online donation to support this project.

Click Here to Give to the Porch Fund Today!


Special thanks to our donor family as well as our volunteer parent architect.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences Feb 15-16
Early Release – Thu, Feb 15
NO SCHOOL – Fri, Feb 16

Reminders: Please arrive on time for your scheduled conference. NO SCHOOL – Mon, Feb 19 President’s Day. There is NO CHILDCARE available on campus on Friday, Feb 16th. No children may be left unattended on campus.

Sign Up Links:

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8

Kindergarten conferences will be held the week of Apr 16-19.

High School (Grades 9-12) conference are on Feb 27th.

Lunch Survey Due Feb 5

Dear DMS Community:

As many of you know, DMS has been seeking hot lunch options for our students & staff.

We sought a local vendor that could provide healthy options. Due to our location, number of lunches previously sold (average of 35 a day) and our price point ($5-7), we have found 2 viable options.

We would like your input to be able to move forward with an agreement. There is a possibility that we could start serving this Spring.

Survey Due by Monday Feb 5.

Thank you!

Take DMS Lunch Survey Now

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