Donation Requests for Spring Fundraising Auction

Parent Council is in need of the talents many of our parents and extended community (grandparents, neighbors, friends etc.) have to offer. The online auction donations are coming in – Thank you! We plan on creating MORE amazing packages to bid on.

Here is a list of services that have been donated in the past. Anything big or small will bring us that much closer to our fundraising goals.

  • acupuncture
  • photography
  • chiropractic services
  • air b&b rentals or second homes
  • massage
  • facials or aesthetics
  • airline miles or tickets
  • art classes
  • music classes
  • babysitting services
  • culinary classes
  • yoga
  • unused memberships to museums, spas etc.
  • or any service that could be a value to our community

Thank you all in advance for making this years Spring fundraiser a huge success with excitement and goals achieved!

The Spring Parent Council Fundraising Auction & Raffle will be held online starting April 2nd.

All the donations can either be emailed to (if electronic gift certificate) or item may be left in the office with Ms. Deb before March 30th. 

With much gratitude!

Parent Council 

After School-Snacks, Jamba Juice & More Fundraisers – Grades 3/4 Porch

As most of you know, the Parent Council team is working very diligently to raise funds for the outdoor learning space that will offer our children an extension to the classroom while providing much needed shade that will protect them from our Arizona sun.

Fundraising opportunities: 

  • Jamba Juice on Thursday’s after school.
  • Healthy snack bar on Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays after school. The snacks will range from $1-$4 and all proceeds will go towards the Grade 3/4 outdoor patio space.
  • The roller skating fundraiser was a HUGE success and we look forward to hosting another skating party on April 25th with more details to come.

Matching Opportunity:

We had a VERY generous family step up and offer to match any donations up to $3,500. The deadline for the donation match is MARCH 9th- We are still in need of about $10,000 to get this project underway. Any help is appreciated and your donations can be made online here.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and with the growth of our amazing DMS community.

Kim Baker & The Parent Council Hands Team


Parent Council Fundraising Requests

What, you ask will we do with all of the money raised from the Winter Faire and the Spring Silent Auction and Raffle?

  • Faculty training
  • School improvements
  • Community activities

Are you eligible to submit a request? If you are a parent or staff member you are! All requests must be aligned with the DMS pedagogy and Parent Council mission.

Please submit your requests at the following link no later than
March 23, 2018
2018 Parent Council Funding Request Form

Presentations of the requests will be held at the Parent Council meeting April 3, 2018 and voting will be held at the May 5th meeting. Voting eligibility is based on attending the presentation meeting April 3rd as well as at least one additional meeting during the 2017-18 school year.

Feed the Faculty – Feb 9

Once again, we have the opportunity to support our teachers by providing them with some delicious food during their day of professional development. If you are unable to make a food donation, consider flowers in a vase or a small plant to decorate the tables.

Feed the Faculty
Friday, February 9th

Sponsored by 1st, 4th and High School

Calling all cooks, bakers, and yummy food makers! We need FOOD and lots of it! We need volunteers to provide a meal for our faculty members during their professional development day. They will be at school all afternoon and evening attending training sessions. Please join Parent Council in supporting your wonderful, caring, and dedicated teachers and staff by providing a nourishing dish to help sustain them during their long day. Please sign up using the link below, and don’t forget to log your volunteer hours.

Sign up at this link: February Feed the Faculty

  • Drop off your dish in the High School Office by early release pick-up time (12:40 pm).
  • Please have your dish ready to serve in a container and with serving utensils.
  • Be sure to label your container and utensil with your name and number so it can be returned.
  • If applicable, please indicate on your container if your dish is vegan, vegetarian or gluten free.

Thank you Winter Faire Volunteers!

The Parent Council leadership team wishes to thank all of the hard working families that volunteered their time and talents for the Winter Faire. Your efforts were most fruitful, raising nearly $10,000 for our school! This event is not possible without the dedication of parents and staff who show up and work the event along with those that work tireless hours in advance crafting, baking, organizing and setting up to make the day a true community endeavor.

We are appreciative of your feedback, positive and constructive; please take a moment to complete the brief survey at this link: Winter Faire VOLUNTEER feedback

Week of Winter Faire Checklist

Stop by the Winter Faire Table this week!!
Everyday 8:15 – 9:00am and 3:15 – 3:45pm
Wednesday and Tuesday 1:45 – 2:15pm

  • Buy Tuft & Needle raffle tickets


❏ Sign Up for 1 or 2 VOLUNTEER SHIFTS​ (set up, booth, and/or breakdown); children grades 4 & up may work at their class booths.

Pre-order a breakfast burrito​:
❏ Burritos will be available at 8:30am on Winter Faire morning.
❏ The deadline to pre-order is Thursday, 12/7.
❏ Cash only must be paid by Thursday, 12/7.


❏ DUE 12/8: Turn in your 10 donations for Fish Pond​ on the front porch
❏ DUE 12/8: Turn in your 10 donations for Angel Room​ on the front porch

Save time & Buy Tickets:

❏ the “Boat Waiver​” today in the front office or at the Winter Faire Table for the “Row, Row Your Boat” activity! Everyone under 18 needs to have a signed waiver.
❏ Buy your Tuft & Needle RAFFLE TICKETS.​ You can purchase these at drop off and pick up all this week at the Winter Faire Table and at the event. Tickets are only $5 each!!

Purchase your holiday tree​ at the Winter Faire:

10% of the sales go directly to DMS!
❏ Sturm’s Tree Farm has multiple lots around the east valley (be sure to mention DMS for our 10% contribution!)
❏ Germann & Higley, Phoenix Arizona
❏ Schnepf Farms, 24810 Rittenhouse Rd, Queen Creek Arizona 85242

Come out and have a great time​!

❏ Do your holiday shopping​ at Winter Faire. We have 35 local vendors for your shopping convenience.
❏ Visit the Winter Faire website​ for more information:

Parent Council Meeting – Dec 5

Parent Council Meeting on December 5, 2017 at 5:30-7pm in the HS English Room
Childcare available. Please sign up at here.

This will be the final preparation meeting before Winter Faire.

Parent Council is Desert Marigold’s parent-teacher organization and meets monthly and quarterly to support our students’ educational experience, our teachers and the school as a whole. The vitality of Parent Council depends on you, together we can do so much! Our success depends on a sufficient number of parents who are willing and able to contribute their energy and leadership to do this important work. Please join us!

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