May Day is a festival celebrated at Desert Marigold at the start of May. It is an ancient tradition of celebrating the arrival of summer. Known as Beltane in Celtic lands, and celebrated by the Romans recognizing the goddess Flora, May Day is a popular tradition. The May Pole Dance is a joyful ribbon festooned experience and the center of our May Day celebration honoring the changing of the seasons from darkness to light. The May Pole bears colorful garlands and symbolizes the tree of life and growth of spring vegetation. With the lead of the Eurythmy teacher, the children from each grade take turns doing a May Pole dance. The patterns get more complicated as the children mature.  The tree of life was part of this ritual and is now represented by the Maypole. Our school’s May Faire is an annual event and celebrated during the school day. Parents are welcome to join the celebration but seating is reserved for the students as a in school assembly.

Students should be encouraged to dress in white.
Boys white shirts and khaki shorts.
Girls white dresses, shirts, skirts, or pants.