Below is a list of hot lunches offered. The lunches are fundraisers for grades 8 through 12 – all proceeds fund the class sponsoring the lunch. You are welcomed to order by the week or by the month. Please complete the order form found below BY MONDAY MORNING and return it to the front office with payment in cash (exact change please). Checks and Credit Cards are also accepted.

Monday – Korean BBQ 

The 12th grade is offering Korean Rice Bowls from Ban Chan which is a DMS family owned restaurant. You may choose between a rice bowl containing sweet & salty BBQ chicken breast with mixed veggies (broccoli and carrots) or a heartier serving of broccoli and carrots without the chicken. Served with soy sauce. Only $5 for the hearty veggie bowl or $6 for chicken. Orders must be in no later than 9AM MONDAY MORNING!

Tuesday – Tacos

Every Tuesday the 12th grade is serving Tacos and chips with salsa from Comedor Guadalajara! $6 gets you two chicken tacos or two shredded beef tacos loaded with lettuce and cheese cooked to perfection, along with a side of tortilla chips and salsa.

Wednesday – Burritos

On Wednesdays the 11th grade is offering burritos from Chipotle. Each burrito comes with black beans, brown rice, tomatoes and cheese. You have a choice of chicken, steak or veggies for $6 each. Each order also includes a bag of chips, salsa, guacamole and sour cream. Sorry, no substitutions please.

Thursday – Tamales

On Thursday, the 10th grade is offering Tamales. 3 tamales with chips and salsa, $6. Vegetarian or non vegetarian.

Friday – Pizza

Enjoy a Friday treat…a slice of pizza (or two) from Venezia’s in Tempe. As a fundraiser for the 8th grade, pizza will be served every Friday for only $3 per slice or 2 for $5. Choose cheese or Pepperoni. Slices are generously sized! There is also a Gluten Free option. There is also a Gluten Free option that is a smaller 11 inch pizza. 

2016-17 Lunch Forms

Sep 7 to Oct 7 2016

Oct 17 – Nov 11 2016

Nov 14 – Dec 9 2016

Dec 12 – Jan 6 2017

Jan 9 – Feb 23 2017

Feb 6 – Mar 3 2017

Mar 6 – Mar 31 2017

May 1 – May 26 2017