Holiday Soul Fever

Preventing or Reducing a Holiday Soul Fever
by Carrie Thomas Scott, LCPC, Simplicity Parenting Training Coordinator

The joy of the season is upon us…
a time to celebrate the many wonderful festivals and holiday expressions, and a time to share and connect with friends and family.

As many parents know, it can also be a stressful time- feeling rushed, over scheduled, cluttered, over-sugared… In general, some might think of it as a Holiday Soul Fever…

So, how do we prevent or reduce a Holiday Soul Fever?
The 4 Pillars of Simplicity can be a helpful guide. Staying close to our family values and hopes of peace, connection, and joy can help us say ‘no thank you’ to the extra decorations, slices of pie, gifts or late night events.

Within our Environment, we can limit decorations to those that have meaning for our family and add beauty to the season. We can make extra efforts to clear spaces and keep our homes simple.

The holidays also offer a wonderful opportunity to simplify gifts.. Remember, you can simplify gift-giving by requesting help with music or art lessons, giving grandparents lists of needed things, by making contributions to an education fund, and by creating new traditions that focus on giving back to community, caring for nature, and working with others.

Rhythm can help us maintain a sense of balance. By continuing to wake or sleep at about the same time, remembering our meal blessings, and keeping our chore rhythms, we can keep our family at the center.

Down time is also a tremendous help during the rush of the holidays. Knowing when we are overscheduled and limiting our engagements can reduce a Holiday Soul Fever. We can bookend busy times with connection to nature and with unstructured time at home. Engaging children in holiday baking or homemade gifts can be a sweet way to simplify Schedules, reconnect as a family, and cultivate creativity.

Filtering out the Adult World is an additional way to build resilience and reduce Holiday Soul Fever. Being mindful of adult conversations around the holiday table and the game room the children seem to get sucked into can help.

Reducing Holiday Soul Fever is Do-Able!
Let your heart be filled with the Golden Moments and simplify where you can. Then, you and your family can truly enjoy the magic of the season.