Week of Winter Faire Checklist

Stop by the Winter Faire Table this week!!
Everyday 8:15 – 9:00am and 3:15 – 3:45pm
Wednesday and Tuesday 1:45 – 2:15pm

  • Buy Tuft & Needle raffle tickets


❏ Sign Up for 1 or 2 VOLUNTEER SHIFTS​ (set up, booth, and/or breakdown); children grades 4 & up may work at their class booths.

Pre-order a breakfast burrito​:
❏ Burritos will be available at 8:30am on Winter Faire morning.
❏ The deadline to pre-order is Thursday, 12/7.
❏ Cash only must be paid by Thursday, 12/7.


❏ DUE 12/8: Turn in your 10 donations for Fish Pond​ on the front porch
❏ DUE 12/8: Turn in your 10 donations for Angel Room​ on the front porch

Save time & Buy Tickets:

❏ the “Boat Waiver​” today in the front office or at the Winter Faire Table for the “Row, Row Your Boat” activity! Everyone under 18 needs to have a signed waiver.
❏ Buy your Tuft & Needle RAFFLE TICKETS.​ You can purchase these at drop off and pick up all this week at the Winter Faire Table and at the event. Tickets are only $5 each!!

Purchase your holiday tree​ at the Winter Faire:

10% of the sales go directly to DMS!
❏ Sturm’s Tree Farm has multiple lots around the east valley (be sure to mention DMS for our 10% contribution!)
❏ Germann & Higley, Phoenix Arizona
❏ Schnepf Farms, 24810 Rittenhouse Rd, Queen Creek Arizona 85242

Come out and have a great time​!

❏ Do your holiday shopping​ at Winter Faire. We have 35 local vendors for your shopping convenience.
❏ Visit the Winter Faire website​ for more information: https://desertmarigold.org/community/festivals/winter-faire/