Dress Code Reminder

Please take the time periodically to clarify with your child what portion of his/her wardrobe is school appropriate. Questions can be directed to your child’s teacher or the administrative office.

Desert Marigold School recognizes that all students have intrinsic worth based on who they are and not on what they wear. We want to create an environment in which each student can develop those innate qualities, focus on learning, and contribute in a positive way to the school community. We also believe that pressures related to clothing choice can distract students and undermine the school environment. 

Reminder: Graphic shirts, leggings, unnatural hair color, half shirts, light up shoes are NOT permitted.

Please refer to the links below to review the dress codes from our student handbooks:

Dress Code for Early Childhood & Grade School (PreK-8)

Dress Code for High School (Grades 9-12)