Dante Night – Nov 15

Please join the 11th grade class for Dante Night on November 15th from 6:30-8:00pm in the Eurythmy Room. 

In the DMS High School Curriculum, many classic masterworks of prose and poetry are studied in the main lessons. Through literature, students examine the questions and themes of human experience. This develops critical thinking, and helps students find direction in their search for self and for the meaning of life. During the Fall season of 11th grade at DMS, students study Dante’s Divine Comedy, a 14th century epic about one man’s journey through the afterlife.

Waldorf high school students typically read the story of this journey during their junior year to explore moral and social questions in this story about life, love, politics, and relationships. Students complete individual projects and present them at Dante Night. The student projects range a variety of artistic interpretations and performances.