Drop Off & Pick Up Reminders

Main Parking Lot:

Speed Limit is 5MPH. Please drive carefully and go SLOW. Be sure to LOOK BOTH WAYS when exiting onto 28th Street from the parking lot. DMS neighbors have called to let us know that they have nearly collided with cars exiting the main parking lot.


High School:

The high school drop-off/ pick-up area is located along the west side of S. 28th Street on the dirt surface from the prickly-pear cactus south to the beginning of the grass-covered area. A primary entry gate is located south of the palm tree so that the double-gate emergency entry to the property is always open and accessible from that area.

Remember to pull all the way forward (south) along drop-off areas as possible to promote a smooth flow of traffic. Signage is in place to help everyone remember these basic courtesies and safety requirements.

If your high school student travels with a grades carpool, please have them come to the pick-up area at the main parking lot.

Remember that this entire dirt area along S. 28th Street is a NO PARKING zone – it is to be utilized for drop-off and pick-up only and then all vehicles are to move off the dirt area and south on 28th Street with traffic ASAP.