End of Ultimate Season – News from Coach Allen

Ultimate Frisbee Finals – News from Coach Allen

I’m sure everyone is getting into the spirit of the season this final week before our big day of thanks. I want to deliver this update and my message of thanks for the Desert Marigold Ultimate Frisbee 2018 season.

First, I want to thank the team for all of the hard work and dedication they put in this year. Our final tournament game last week was again a beautiful example of how our team doesn’t give up. They play hard and they play fair with big smiles and bigger hearts. It was also the perfect example of two teams playing their best while focusing on the most important aspect of Ultimate and life,  the “spirit of the game.” Ultimate is a self officiated sport calling for each player to play fairly and respect everyone on and off the field. DMS and PVC are two teams who strongly exhibit these valuable traits. The final score for the game was DMS 7 PVC 11. With that game under our belts, DMS finished the season in a strong third place seat.  Thank you PVC for your incredible sportsmanship,  we look forward to playing you again next season.

Next, I would like to say thank you and best of luck to our players from the 12th grade class: Caden, Derek, Giovanni and Tallulah.  All four of theses players have been on our team from the beginning and are truly an integral part of the team and the student body.

Of course, big thanks to David Martinez for assisting me with coaching duties and filling in during our practice scrimmages when ever necessary. Best of luck to you this soccer season.

Thank you to Crystal Lee, High School Administrative Assistant, for your help organizing transportation and Shannon Rowe, Office Administrative Assistant, for helping organize the forms and personal information required for extracurricular sports.

Finally, thank you to all the families, teachers and student body for making this, our fifth season of Ultimate Frisbee at Desert Marigold school, such a blast. With support like you graciously gave, we all win.

Wishing you and yours a delicious and delightful holiday season!

Coach Greg Allen