Lantern Walk – Nov 9

Join us for this very peaceful festival that is walked together as a family. The community gathers for hot cider and the story of St. Martin followed by a reverent walk with handmade lanterns around the iluminaria lit path as the sun sets over the school campus.

The Festival is held on the evening of November 9.

5:45pm   Cider is served (Cider Service ends promptly 6:15pm)

6:15pm   Story and Walk Begin

We will gather in the front play yard next to the office building. Please talk in soft voices upon arrival. Turn cell phones off and refrain from using them during the event. This is meant to be a reverent festival. We will begin at twilight. Lanterns should be lit upon arrival and prior to the story. The story of St. Martin will be told. You may sing or remain silent during the walk.

Children will have made lanterns in class. Parents are responsible for bringing lanterns, candles, tea lights and matches/lighters to light the lanterns. Children will be walking with their parents, siblings and extended family members, etc. Children must be supervised by their parents at all times during the festival.

Remember to Bring your Lantern and Mug to drink Hot Apple Cider. 

There will be no paper cups provided. We want to support the humble side of the festival.

To read the story of St. Martin or the Lantern Walk Songs go