News from Ultimate Coach Allen

With what I believe is the most challenging game schedule of any team this season, our DMS Firebirds rose to the challenge. Growth like they exhibited during our game against Paradise Valley Christian first begins on a personal level and then transitions to the team level.

With three players being on the injured list, the Firebirds knew it was going to be a tough game. At half time we were down 3 to 8, but two of our players scored which began our six point scoring spree. With DMS first leading the game at 9 to 8 and then 10 to 9 the game was a real “nail biter.” When PVC tied the game at 10, those who were not already on their feet were lifted up by the energy radiating from the hearts of our DMS team. Three times we stopped PVC from scoring what would be the final point, however it was the fourth attempt that finally paid off. Two incredible teams, one amazing game.

Being exhausted from the first game, our first string players did their best to hold their own against last year’s champions LFPA. Then, with the rotation of the second string players into the game, we did all we could to move the disc across our goal line. At the end of the game with DMS at 5 points and LFPA at 11, our regularly scheduled season reached its end.

I’d like to thank the players and our fans for making this, the fifth season for the Firebirds, one to remember. The team would also like to invite our entire student body to join us Tuesday, November 6th, to Benedict Park for the start of the State Championship tournament. The tournament begins at 4:15 PM. Stay tuned for more info and we hope to see you there.

Remember, if it’s not Ultimate, it’s not the Ultimate!

Coach Greg Allen