Traffic Safety & Traffic Light

Remember Traffic Safety
At this time of year, events tend to speed up and each of us must remember to slow down, savor each moment and be courteous to others. This includes enjoying a steady and slow arrival and departure in our parking lot. But, it also applies to traveling up and down 28th Street and Vineyard on the way to and from school.

Update on Traffic Light for 28th Street & Southern
In addition to the new housing across Southern Avenue, construction is under way on the property behind DMS along Vineyard. We know there will be significantly more traffic on both approaches to the school as a result.

A light at 24th and Vineyard has been promised, but there is no commitment from the city about a light on the corner of 28th Street and Southern. The city did not require the developer to provide one. Contact and a previous petition from our DMS community has been made with the responsible city authorities, but a continued public push may help.

A DMS parent has recently reached out to a community outreach police officer and 3TV News to continue the request for a light on 28th Street and Southern. If more parents want to join the cause, here are the numbers to call:

Community Action Officers (C.A.O.)
41 Squad Area
Officer Chris Granado