Soccer Team – News from Coach Allen

News from Coach Allen:

Well, your Desert Marigold Firebirds co-ed varsity soccer team has done it again. Yesterday afternoon we had our second and most challenging game yet against the Caurus Academy up in Anthem. With a final score of DMS 3 – Caurus 7, our team exited the playing field with tired bodies and smiling faces.

I don’t know how many of you out there know this, but the majority of our varsity co-ed soccer team is rather new to the game of soccer. Many players on the team have never played organized soccer on an actual soccer field. During practice we’ve been focusing on the fundamentals of the sport, things like throw-ins, passing, different ball handling skills and scoring goals. All of these skills are of course important to create a strong foundation and to help expand knowledge and skills of the game.

However, many of the most impressive character traits each one of our Firebird players share are the ones they’ve been taught daily while attending Desert Marigold. The students have demonstrated traits like integrity, having fun, working hard, doing our best, staying focused, working together for common goals and respect for themselves and others. These traits are the most important when it comes to creating a strong foundation of a well rounded, compassionate, loving human being.

So I want to say thank you to our Desert Marigold School co-ed varsity soccer team. Thank you for being such a shining example and representing the core values of our school and our Desert Marigold community.

Coach Greg Allen