Rachel Schmid

Eurythmy Teacher

Waldorf Teacher Certification

Rachel A. Schmid graduated from the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany. She studied Eurythmy in Dornach, Switzerland, and Hannover, Germany. Rachel taught a rich and profound seven years each in Wuppertal, Germany, and in California at state funded and private Waldorf schools before becoming the Eurythmy teacher at Desert Marigold School.

Ms. Schmid has successfully performed Eurythmy on the Goetheanum stage and produced various independent stage works. At the end of each school year, she hosted all-school Eurythmy stage performances with full student participation. Ms. Schmid believes that students of Eurythmy will be “learning what they have always known”. She incorporates dynamic modern teaching methods, sensitive philosophic depth and inspirational artistic fire in her seminars. People will find that Ms. Schmid’s teaching of Eurythmy imparts spiritual ease and understanding, creative enthusiasm and sure accomplishment.