Photo of Zachary McVay

Zachary McVay

Classic Languages Teacher

Zachary McVay was born and raised here in Arizona and graduated from Arizona State University in 2014 with his degree in Classics and Ancient History, focused on the Latin language and Graeco-Roman culture and society. He has taught Latin to a wide range of grades at Archway Cicero Academy in Scottsdale as well as at BASIS Chandler. In addition to teaching, he also spent a year apprenticing in watch repair.  He has always been in love with the message of Waldorf education and its ideals of cultivating not just its students’ minds, but their lives and spirits as well, and had hoped for years for a chance to teach at a Waldorf school. Beyond teaching the languages and cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome, he is an enthusiast of the Edwardian era, a gardener, herbalist, oil lamp restorer and collector, passionate antiques collector, and avid keeper of exotic plants. Zachary looks forward to getting to know the Desert Marigold community, and for the community to get to know him in turn.