The youngest resident of the Desert Marigold School barn yard, Champ is about 5 years old. He came to our school from the September CHAMP foundation for Cancer Hope and Awareness Month for Pediatrics in 2018. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Champ would make an appearance at their annual 5k fundraiser as their official mascot.
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Fun Facts About Champ

  • He loves snacks of all sorts, especially apples

  • He is on a special diet for his health and can’t have many special treats

  • He is young and still learning his manners

  • He has a farrier come to trim his hooves every 6 weeks or so

  • He loves to run circles around the pond with Chicory

  • He sees the vet annually for a checkup and periodically throughout the year, as needed

  • He loves to be the center of attention

  • He, along with the other grass eating animals, eat 6,000lbs of baled grass each year

  • Champ, a white mini-horse, standing in the barn
  • chicory champ in corral grazing
  • champ in pond area
  • chicory champ