Desert Marigold School has a beautiful pond that is home to our own flock of ducks, as well as to a fluctuating number of wild ducks and other wild water fowl. Each year, the 5th grade class hatches eggs to add to the crew.

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Fun Facts About the Ducks

  • The last batch of hatchlings from the 5th grade class were runner ducks

  • Runner ducks cannot fly

  • Runner ducks stand more upright than other breeds of ducks

  • The ducks have a beautiful new floating island that they seem to only utilize in secret, at nght

  • The ducks and chickens eat xlbs of feed each year

  • The chickens & ducks consume 5,250lbs of feed each year

  • two geese swimming in a pond. A large herring standing in the center, on the fountain which is turned off
  • ducks on the pond
  • ducks with a student
  • pond
  • ducks with a student
  • ducks eating
  • ducks outside pond area
  • ducklings at the baby pond
  • ducks
  • ducklings in bath
  • ducklings in bath
  • duck eggs