The tiniest one in the Desert Marigold School barn yard, Luna is about 5 years old. She came to our school as a baby, with her brother George, in 2017.

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Fun Facts About Luna

  • She loves treats like apples, carrots, and banana peels

  • She loves her brother and will call for him when separated

  • She and George eat 640lbs of alfalfa pellets each year

  • She is wary of anyone offering scratches or treats

  • Luna sees the vet for her annual checkups and periodically throughout the year, as needed

  • She loves to follow George around and up on the wooden structure in the yard

  • She, along with the other grass eating animals, eat 6,000lbs of baled grass each year

  • Luna, a black goat, laying outside
  • george luna
  • george luna
  • luna