Humble Hive Parent Education Group – Oct 30


A Peer Lead (all things Waldorf) Parent Education Group offered every last Tuesday evening of the month from 7:00 to 8:30 in the Eurythmy room

Have you ever wondered “Why Waldorf?” Let’s discover it together. Every month we will have a new topic. If you’re in Early Childhood, the Grades, High School or just have a healthy curiosity about Waldorf Education….this might just be the little gem you were looking for.

Ms. Rachel Schmid is this month’s guest.

Join us as we get to peek into to the life of growing up Waldorf, experience a bit of Eurythmy and discover how it TRULY is the “Total Work Out” Mind, Body, and SPIRIT!

It takes such great COURAGE as a parent, to offer your child the gift of a Waldorf Education. Waldorf Education often speaks of meeting the child where they are at. Can we speak of meeting the parent where they are at??

What to bring:

Curiosity, Open Hearts AND MINDS…maybe a Notebook and Pen.

$5 Donation @ Door-ZOOM may donate online re:HumbleHive
(Baby in arms, welcome)

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Unable to physically attend and participate…

virtually attend via ZOOM and listen in,
on a first come first serve basis.
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Happy to answer any questions,

Humble Hive – Sep 25

A Peer Lead (All things WALDORF inspired) Parent Education Group…

Dear DMS (and Friends of the DMS) Community,
Please Join us the last Tuesday of each month from 7:00pm-8:30pm
(If unable to physically attend and participate … virtually attend via ZOOM and listen in.)

Have you ever wondered WHY Waldorf…let’s discover it together! Each month we will have a new topic. If you are in Early Childhood, the Grades, High School or just a healthy curiosity about Waldorf Education…this might be the little gem…you have been searching for.

  • Verse of the Month (what and why)
  • Speakers
  • Festival Calendar Review (what, where, why)
  • Skypers
  • Teachers
  • Documentary (i.e…The life or Legacy of Rudolf Steiner or latest and greatest Waldorf inspirational media talks, podcasts,videos)
  • Book Study (weekly virtual group ZOOM chapter check-in’s)
  • Spotlight Parents who have great talents to share
  • Bit of Health and Wellness Education
  • Peer/Parent Support

Followed by discussions, refreshment and friendship

What to bring: Your curiosity, Open Hearts AND MINDS…maybe a Notebook and Pen.
$5 Donation (for guest fees and refreshments)

Discover what’s Amazing about our beloved Desert Marigold School
(only one like it…in the NATION!)

Happy to answer any questions, please call Barb Cunningham 602-349-1081

Curriculum Overview – Apr 10

The K-12 Curriculum Overview is for new parents, families on the waitlists and those in our community who never had the opportunity to attend and are interested in seeing the whole picture of the Desert Marigold curriculum. During this lecture you will hear from several of our faculty as they walk you from early childhood through high school addressing child development and how the Waldorf pedagogy meets the needs of the child.

No Child Care Available.

Upcoming Dates:
Apr 10th – 6:30-8pm

Location: Eurythmy Room (DMS High School)

Holiday Soul Fever

Preventing or Reducing a Holiday Soul Fever
by Carrie Thomas Scott, LCPC, Simplicity Parenting Training Coordinator

The joy of the season is upon us…
a time to celebrate the many wonderful festivals and holiday expressions, and a time to share and connect with friends and family.

As many parents know, it can also be a stressful time- feeling rushed, over scheduled, cluttered, over-sugared… In general, some might think of it as a Holiday Soul Fever…

So, how do we prevent or reduce a Holiday Soul Fever?
The 4 Pillars of Simplicity can be a helpful guide. Staying close to our family values and hopes of peace, connection, and joy can help us say ‘no thank you’ to the extra decorations, slices of pie, gifts or late night events.

Within our Environment, we can limit decorations to those that have meaning for our family and add beauty to the season. We can make extra efforts to clear spaces and keep our homes simple.

The holidays also offer a wonderful opportunity to simplify gifts.. Remember, you can simplify gift-giving by requesting help with music or art lessons, giving grandparents lists of needed things, by making contributions to an education fund, and by creating new traditions that focus on giving back to community, caring for nature, and working with others.

Rhythm can help us maintain a sense of balance. By continuing to wake or sleep at about the same time, remembering our meal blessings, and keeping our chore rhythms, we can keep our family at the center.

Down time is also a tremendous help during the rush of the holidays. Knowing when we are overscheduled and limiting our engagements can reduce a Holiday Soul Fever. We can bookend busy times with connection to nature and with unstructured time at home. Engaging children in holiday baking or homemade gifts can be a sweet way to simplify Schedules, reconnect as a family, and cultivate creativity.

Filtering out the Adult World is an additional way to build resilience and reduce Holiday Soul Fever. Being mindful of adult conversations around the holiday table and the game room the children seem to get sucked into can help.

Reducing Holiday Soul Fever is Do-Able!
Let your heart be filled with the Golden Moments and simplify where you can. Then, you and your family can truly enjoy the magic of the season.

Needle Felting Workshop – Nov 18

You are invited to join Ms. Joanna, Ms. Heather B. and Ms. Valerie in a Needle Felting workshop. They will be needle felting nature table fairies.
Saturday, November 18th from 9am-12pm.
Open to all adults – No children nor childcare available. 
Held in Ms. Valerie’s Skyflower class room. 
$5 fee to cover cost of materials. Limited Space – 15 participants.
Sign up sheets are on the back patio of the Early Childhood Building.

Workshop: Deeds of Rudolf Steiner Written in the Stars – Oct 11 & 12

Rising Up With the Wandering Stars – a workshop with Mary Stuart Adams.

This is a pre-conference to the Anthroposophical Society Conference happening here in Phoenix. It is open to the public, but some basic knowledge or interest in Rudolf Steiner’s work known as Anthroposophy would be beneficial.

What did Rudolf Steiner mean when he said that a knowledge of starry worlds strengthens the “future body”? And how do contemporary concepts about our planetary system inform our ability to create healthy communities?

With these questions to guide us, we will spend time with Mary Stewart Adams in Rising Up With the Wandering Stars, developing an unfolding awareness of our respective roles in the on-going celestial narrative, and why it matters so much now.

Wednesday, October 11 at 7:00pm  

  • Community Presentation – Open to the public by donation
  • Light refreshments provided

Thursday, October 12, 9:00am-3:00pm

  • Lunch and snacks included
  • Artistic Activity, Group Discussion & Presentation
  • Fee: $95 

Find out more and register for Mary’s pre-conference here!

If you have questions, contact Charlie Burkam

Mary Stewart Adams is a star lore historian, storyteller and author who has been immersed in the history of star knowledge for nearly 30 years. Mary is a member of the School for Spiritual Science, and a researcher in astrosophy.

Her work with the New Images of the Zodiac from the original Calendar of the Soul began in the 1990s. Mary led the initiative that resulted in International Dark Sky Park designation for the Headlands property in Emmet County, MI, which later resulted in the State of Michigan passing legislation to protect the night sky over an additional 23,000 acres of state park and forest land.

Mary writes and speaks extensively to local, national and international audiences on our relationship to the night sky and its cultural consequences, and has received numerous honors for her work. In addition, she is a member of the International Dark Sky Places Committee of the International Dark Sky Association, protecting and designating dark sky sites around the world.

Mary’s weekly radio program “The Storyteller’s Guide to the Night Sky” airs during Morning Edition on Interlochen Public Radio every Friday.

Mary makes her home under the starry skies of Harbor Springs, Michigan.

Lifeways: Home Health Care Workshop Oct 12-13

Home Health Care: Nurturing and Nourishing Ourselves and Children with Trish McPhee, RN, FNP

Thursday, October 12, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (includes two snacks and lunch)
Friday, October 13, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (Includes one snack)

In this hands-on course, you’ll learn how to care for your family at home with natural home health care techniques, such as wraps, poultices, massages, and inhalations for common childhood illnesses and fevers. Trish McPhee will explain the importance of warmth, sleep and good nutrition for your growing child, the role that childhood illnesses play in your child’s development and more – all with practical suggestions for everyday use.

Trish has been a nurse since 1992, having graduated when her second child turned 3 years old. Soon after this she found Anthroposophic Medicine through Waldorf Education. Resigning her position in a surgical ICU at a large teaching facility, she stepped into a small Anthroposophic medical practice in Fair Oaks California. There she worked doing oil dispersion hydrotherapy and Anthroposophic nursing with various therapists and physicians for four and a half years. In 2005 she completed her Masters in Nursing and obtained her Family Nurse Practitioners license and national certification as an FNP. For the last several years she has been in private practice, emergency medicine and teaching workshops. She recently completed a 5 year study in Anthroposophic Medicine. Trish is passionate for the health of young and old and doesn’t miss an opportunity to educate about the importance of fever and appropriate convalescence. Trish brings a lively experience of self-care and care of the child to the LifeWays training. Some students refer to it as the ‘spa’ part of the training as they go home feeling so refreshed and strengthened.

For more information contact Laura Alvarado-Coady

$225 for the two-day workshop (lunch, snacks and supplies included)


Register for Workshop