Save the Date – Giving Tuesday Nov 27

Last Friday, DMS celebrated Lantern Walk which is also called Martinmas. It honors, in a universal way, the story of St. Martin, friend of the children and patron of the poor, who was known for his gentleness and his ability to bring warmth and light to those in need.

As we journey into the darkest time of the year, it is increasingly important for each of us to kindle warmth and light in our hearts. Martin’s cloak can remind us to share with those in need. The gently glowing lanterns of Martinmas gives way to the candles of the spiral walk as we draw nearer to the Solstice, showing how our inner light must shine ever brighter.

In this time of giving, please save the date – Tuesday, November 27th as a day to give a charitable donation to Desert Marigold. The DMS Giving Tuesday Goal this year is to raise $5,000 for the Scholarship Fund. Thank you!

Waldorf 100 Postcard Exchange


The idea of exchanging postcards is as simple as it is enchanting: When every Waldorf school in the world sends just one (real!) postcard to every other Waldorf school in the world, then 1,100 postcards will arrive in every school! Each school could create a huge display, a “card wall from the world” that everyone can touch and feel, making the Waldorf network a personal reality for many. A million-fold Waldorf greeting from around the globe.


5K Run – Apr 28

Mark your calendars for a unique and amazing 5K run and 1 mile fun run through the magical and amazing Desert Marigold School campus. The surfaces range from dirt to packed gravel with uneven surfaces and a few minor obstacles with lots of fun twists and turns!

Saturday, Apr 28th – starts at 8am. 

Registration Required:

All proceeds go towards building the Grade 3/4 Patio. Learn more about the Patio Fund Here.

Tax Credits Support the DMS Drama Club

Did you enjoy this year’s HS musical performance, Bye Bye Birdie?

This production exemplifies that, alongside our rich academic curriculum, DMS students rehearse and perform plays. Traditionally, each class performs a play every year, ranging from puppet shows in the early childhood and short retellings of fairy tales in the early grades to full-length plays and musicals in the middle school and high school. By the time a student has reached twelfth grade, he or she will have acted in many roles, and will have experienced among many things, set design, lighting, and costuming.

Your support will help sustain programs such as our DMS After School Drama & Theater Arts Programming. Remember, if you haven’t filed your taxes and redirected your 2017 Tax Credit, it’s not too late, you have until April 15th to give to DMS!


Redirect Your Taxes To DMS Today!