Join us for this very peaceful festival that is walked together as a family. The community gathers for hot cider and the story of St. Martin followed by a reverent walk with handmade lanterns around the iluminaria lit path as the sun sets over the school campus.

The Festival is held on the evening of November 8th.

5:45pm   Cider is served (Cider Service ends promptly 6:15pm)

6:15pm   Story and Walk Begin

We will gather in the front play yard next to the office building. Please talk in soft voices upon arrival. Turn cell phones off and refrain from using them during the event. This is meant to be a reverent festival. We will begin at twilight. Lanterns should be lit upon arrival and prior to the story. The story of St. Martin will be told. You may sing or remain silent during the walk.

Children will have made lanterns in class and parents are welcomed to make their own at home. There are several ideas online for making lanterns. If you search for “Waldorf Lantern Making” you will find sites with directions on balloon, water color paper, and tin can lanterns.

Parents are responsible for bringing lanterns, candles, tea lights and matches/lighters to light the lanterns. Children will be walking with their parents, siblings and extended family members, etc. Children must be supervised by their parents at all times during the festival.

Remember to Bring your Lantern and Mug to drink Hot Apple Cider. 

There will be no paper cups provided. We want to support the humble side of the festival.

The Story of St Martin

Long ago there lived a good young man named Martin. Even as a boy, he knew that one day he would be expected to serve in the military. His father was an important officer. He desired a peaceful life outside of the military but he knew that it would be his duty to follow the life of his father. So, Martin joined the military, became an officer and eventually was assigned to garrison duty in the town of Amiens.

One bitterly cold winter evening, the young Martin rode through the gates of Amiens on his fine, proud horse. He was dressed in the regalia of his military unit: gleaming armor, a bright helmet and a beautiful white cloak, lined with lambs wool. It was nearly freezing outside, but his thick cloak kept him warm. He was hardly aware of the cold. But then, as he approached the gates of the town, he saw a poor man, a beggar, dressed with clothes so ragged that he was practically bare. The man was shaking and blue and cold, but no one reached out to help him. People would pass through the gates, looking straight ahead, so their eyes would not meet with those of the poor, desperate man.

Martin, seeing this, was overcome with compassion. He rode straight to the poor man and took off his white cloak. And with one stroke of his sword he tore the lovely mantle in two. He wrapped half of the cloak around the freezing man and the other half around his own shoulders. The people nearby watched in amazement. To see a fine military officer do such a lowly thing was a ridiculous sight to many, but others were touched deeply by the goodness that Martin showed.

That night, as Martin slept, he had a dream. A man appeared to him who looked so familiar, he wore the half of the cloak Martin had given to the poor beggar and at that moment Martin saw in the eyes of this man, the light of the Divine which we each carry within us. From this day on, Martin’s life was changed forever. He knew that he could no longer be part of the military, for his true desire was to live a life of goodness and share all he had with others.

Lantern Walk Songs

Walking with My Lantern
Walking with my lantern into the night
Chasing the Shadows away with light
Within, within, my light will never dim

Light in My Lantern, Light in My Heart

Light in my lantern, light in my heart
Light in the world, light up the dark
Oh lantern I will keep the flame
so it will not die
Shine it that the world may see
How my light does shine
Shine little lantern, light up the night
Shine in the darkness, oh wondrous light

Down With Darkness

Down with darkness up with light
Up with sunshine over night
Each of us is one small light
But together we shine bright
Go away deepest, darkest night
Go away now give way to light!

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