In the autumn, at harvest season, we celebrate Michaelmas. The Michaelmas festival takes place in late September. It is the time of year to gather the harvest and our strength for the year ahead. Michaelmas is September 29 and celebrates the forces of Archangel Michael (pronounced My-ki-el’), the time-spirit of this epoch. As the seasons transition from the outer warmth of summer to the coolness of fall, we turn inward, toward ourselves and toward our community for inner warmth. The Michaelic forces imbue us with the confidence and courage to look to the spiritual world for strength and to renew the impulse to live our lives on the earth to the best of our abilities allowing us to become a true community of human beings. In the Celtic tradition, St. Michael represents the unconquered hero, fighting against evil and the powers of darkness. He is a model for valor and courage. Dragons, iron, and the color red predominate. At our school it is traditional to celebrate Michaelmas with a play.

The celebration is held as an In-School Assembly. Families are welcome to watch but seating is reserved for our students. Class teachers ask that you please not sit with your child during the event. The children must remain with their class teachers for the duration of the event. Regular class schedules return after the assembly.

The traditional color of Michaelmas is red we encourage everyone to wear red for Michaelmas.

*Children participating in the play may be required to wear a different color scheme for the event. Grades 1-4 please watch for more information from your class teacher.

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