Please join us for our Spiral Garden Festival, a reverent celebration bringing a new sense of being & hope in the winter months. The spiral garden has been used for thousands of years all over the world. No one religion or culture can claim rights to it, for it holds deep roots in all human consciousness.

When one walks the labyrinth and spiral, it is in recreating this very ancient expression of thanks and remembrance of the divine in all things. – Hopi Saying

Every December, as a celebration of the beginning of the Winter season, DMS offers the Garden Spiral Festival to represent the movement inward during the darkest time of the year. Before the children arrive, the faculty and staff prepare the spiral with evergreen boughs in the Eurythmy room. The spiral is adorned with varied treasures representing the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. Apples are cored and into each one is placed a candle. At the center of the spiral is a single candle and, at times, an angel. During the evening, quiet music is played, creating an inward mood in the darkened room as each participant walks the in-turning spiral, carrying their own candle. Upon reaching the center, each one lights their candle, turns and places it along the spiral as they retrace their steps out. When all have completed this journey, the form of the spiral is illuminated by the candles and a moment is taken to silently observe what has been created. The candles are left burning while the participants leave reverently.

Advent Garden Song

(Child’s name) is walking now to get her/his little light. 

All the stars are watching her/him by day and by night. 

Now she/he has her/his little light and her/his eyes are shining bright. 

Carefully she’s/he’s walking now to bring light to the path.

In order to honor the reverent mood of the festival,  please remember to:

  • Speak with your child(ren) about remaining quiet throughout the entire evening.
  • Silence or turn off cell phones. No photos or recordings are permitted.
  • Arrive on time as the doors will be locked to prevent interruption.
  • Keep your child’s walk free from distraction, we ask that children under the age of 3 stay home.
  • If you remain on campus between walks, please remain by the childcare room – the playground and classrooms are off limits during this festival.
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