Dress Code for Pre-school, Kindergarten & Grades 1 – 8

Students must wear:

  • Shirt with wide straps or sleeves in a solid color, all-over pattern, or issued by DMS
  • Bottom: pants, shorts, leggings, dress, romper, skirt
  • Closed-toed shoes with a back strap appropriate for the day’s activities
  • Hat (outdoors only)

Students must wear sufficient clothing so that no bare skin or undergarment is visible in the front or back of the torso from the upper chest to below the buttocks. (As a test, if the student raises hands/arms, or bends over and bare skin is visible, then the clothing is not of appropriate length). Students will wear clothing in the appropriate size. Students will keep their hair clean, neat, tied up when necessary, and in its natural shade. Students in grades 7-8 may wear subtle nail polish and make-up.

Students cannot wear:

  • Single images, writing, numbers, large logos, or camouflage
  • Images that create a hostile or intimidating environment
  • Platforms, crocs, rubber clogs, high heeled shoes, or shoes with lights or wheels
  • See-through, loose, tight, or sagging clothes
  • Nail polish or make-up (grades PreK-6)