Parent/Family Support and Volunteering

The parents’ support in the classroom occurs in a variety of ways, roles and areas and this will differ from teacher to teacher and year to year. We recognize the numerous and many advantages of having parents as collaborators in the education of their child/children and honor and respect the task of working together. However, the primary factor for children’s educational success or failure is parent interest and support in the education of their child/children. We believe well-implemented classroom and school-community practices yield positive results for the students and the parents and this work is ongoing and currently being addressed by the teachers and leadership at our school. When parents develop positive attitudes towards their child’s teachers and when parent-teacher and school communication improves, success is imminent.

Parent involvement and volunteerism can run the gamut from creating and maintaining healthy relationships and positive attitudes, assisting with fundraisers for school and classes, filling wish list needs, maintaining a Waldorf home life, attending festivals, performances, making costumes, supporting events sponsored by the school and of course the support of time and money.

The class teacher reaches out when needs arise and this changes with each passing year and with the developmental changes that take place each year with the children. The school also reaches out and communicates the needs and ways to support and this too changes from year to year as the needs arise.

The greatest influence on classroom and school success is by giving attention to your child/children’s developmental needs and interests and to motivate a love of learning. Parental attitudes towards education can be so powerful in a Waldorf school or any school for that matter.

When parents communicate a clear set of values to the children that education is important and when the child sees their willingness to cooperate with the school and the class teacher to see that their child is successful, they are providing the greatest support at the most fundamental level.

Logging your Volunteer Hours

All volunteer opportunities will be posted to and hours logged on ParentSquare.
Please SEE HERE if you do not have a ParentSquare account
*While Desert Marigold School does not require a set amount of volunteer hours, it is still beneficial to the school to have them logged. Please check with your employer to see if they participate in an employee volunteer program (where you get paid to volunteer!)

Fingerprint Clearance Cards

All volunteers who will be on campus during the school day or anyone chaperoning student field trips, must have a valid AZ Fingerprint Clearance Card.

Go to AZ Department of Public Safety to set an appointment and get your card.

Questions? Head HERE