Desert Marigold School offers a Waldorf based curriculum that incorporates all required state standards. Waldorf education uses age appropriate hands-on activities, storytelling, art, drama, and movement to develop the child and hone their academic skills. As the children move through their unit of study, they create their own textbooks, which act as their academic portfolio. The core curriculum encompasses language arts, mythology, history and geography, science, and mathematics. The Class Teacher often is invited and chooses to take the same class of children through consecutive eight years of elementary school (grades 1-8), teaching all the main subjects.  For the teacher, this means time to deeply know the children and help them unfold their gifts in addition to the enormous challenge of working with a new curriculum each year.  For the children, this means stability and continuing guidance. Please note that this is not always the desired path or best choice for the teacher. This is the ideal that Desert Marigold School strives for very often.

In addition to the core curriculum, Desert Marigold School also offers the following: Latin, Spanish, handwork, woodwork, eurythmy, movement, special education support, and Waldorf cornerstone events such as Greek Pentathlon, the Medieval games, and an 8th grade and 12th grade class trip. As a community, we celebrate with beautiful festivals and events like: Michaelmas, Martinmas, Santa Lucia, Winter Faire, Spring gala and auction, and the May Faire.