THE SECOND GRADE brings many fables, animal stories from around the world,  and legends of saints, heroes, and heroines.  Through the stories, the children begin to see the dual aspect of human nature.  They work on writing skills in many ways as they put these stories into their Main Lesson.

Arithmetical work proceeds on to larger operations with the four processes,including borrowing and carrying, or what is now called “trading” numbers, and working on the times tables.  Imaginative stories still form the backdrop of math lessons.

Grammar is introduced with liveliness and humor. The children may act out stories in which they can experience the contrast between “doing” words, “naming” words, and “describing” words. Nature study continues with nature walks, poetry, legends, and imaginative descriptions of natural processes.

In handwork the children continue with knitting, making many knitted animals and other small projects helping them attain creative skills in form and function.

The Second Grade helps the school to celebrate the small festival of light, Santa Lucia, on/near December 13, which gives a living image of the light and warmth of the spirit shining in the darkness.  The children visit each class giving the gift of song wearing crowns.