Excerpt from Desert Marigold High School Student Handbook 2020-21

Dress and Personal Appearance

We are coming together to learn, to work, and to bring out the best in one another.  A student’s choices in clothing should support this.  They should come dressed in a way that is practical, comfortable and appropriate for the day’s activities, be they academic, artistic, movement or in the lab sciences classes.


  • Appropriate student dress and personal appearance (neat, modest, clean clothing) are integral factors in creating a healthy social environment and an academic atmosphere. Parents are requested to assist by making certain that their student respects this policy. 


  • The school dress standards apply to any and all school events, whether the events happen during the school day, in the evening, on the weekends, or off-campus. 


  • Students failing to meet the Desert Marigold High School standards of dress will not be allowed to participate in classes, assemblies, and other school events and may lose credit accordingly. 


  • The student may be given alternative clothing to put on until the end of the day, or there may be a call home requesting a parent bring some other clothing for the student to put on. An email with the dress code will be sent home so parents are aware that the student was in violation.


  • Students in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action. 


Desert Marigold High School Student Dress Code

Section 1. 

This dress code has been revised specifically for the high school student only.  It is not to be construed to apply to any Desert Marigold students except those in the high school.  There are purposeful variations in the policy for the maturing adolescent.  Please take the time before the start of the school year to clarify with your high school student what portion of his/her wardrobe is school compliant or non-compliant.  Questions can be directed to your child’s high school class sponsor or the administrative office.


Desert Marigold School expects that all its high school students exercise common sense in their dress as appropriate to their age and environment.  Off campus events organized by the school are seen as extensions of the classroom and students should dress appropriately.  School-wide “Assembly Dress” still applies to high school students for performances and assemblies.  Dress must not interfere with the educational process nor present a safety hazard.  High School Teachers reserve the right to determine what is appropriate, including deciding that a student’s appearance is attracting undue attention or poses a safety risk.  No warning will be given for a dress code violation, and consequences will be immediate.  When a dress code issue arises or an infraction occurs, the student will be required to change out of the offending garment(s) immediately per Section 2 of this policy.  Turning shirts inside out is not encouraged.  Disregard for any part of this policy expectation may result in the student not being allowed into class and parents/guardian and/or emergency contacts being required to pick up their student and/or bring an appropriate change of clothes.  


The expectations for high school student dress are as follows:

  1. Letters, words, designs, graphics, or styles considered vulgar, derogatory, suggestive, or in any manner considered distracting to the educational process by the high school teacher are not allowed.
  2. No clothing or article that references tobacco, alcohol, drugs, violence, weapons, or gang affiliation is allowed on campus.
  3. Midriffs must be covered.  
  4. All tank tops must have straps at least three fingers wide. 
  5. Shorts, dresses, and skirts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. Shorts and skirts that are so short where it appears the student is only wearing a long t-shirt is not allowed.
  6. All clothing must be of the appropriate size, fitting and covering appropriately, no see-through shirts, nothing baggy or sagging (ex: the crotch at the knee look) or excessively tight fitting/form revealing, such as wearing “leggings” as outerwear/pants.  
  7. Footwear: No flip-flops.  No Nike sliders, or the generic equivalent.  No slippers.  No shoes with more than a 2½ inch tall heel.  No “stiletto-style” or wedges.
  8. Appropriate shoes (closed-toe tennis, leather work boots, etc.) for movement, sports, and practical work/arts (wood shop, blacksmithing, metals, ceramics, etc.) must be worn during these activities and classes.  Closed-toe footwear will be required during all laboratory experiences.
  9. Hats and sunglasses are not to be worn in classrooms, regardless of the season. 
  10. Hair will be clean, neat, and tied or clipped back out of the face.
  11. Permanent tattoos are not permitted on students unless their incidence conforms to Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3721 regarding minors and documented parental consent/presence.
  12. Piercing is allowed on the ears, and on the sides of the nose.  Earrings must not extend more than 1½ inch below the ear lobe.  No gauges or bolts over 1/2” diameter.  Nose decorations must be of modest size and design, and not distract from the educational process. 
  13. Fingernails and nail polish must not distract from the educational process.  Nail polish must be applied prior to the high school student’s arrival at school, and not during class.
  14. Makeup shall not distract from, nor interfere with the educational process.  Makeup should be applied in moderation and not excessively.   


Section 2.

If a staff member, teacher, or administrator deems the high school student’s dress to not meet the expectations of the policy, or to be distracting, unsafe, or otherwise interfering with the educational process, the student will be required to check-out and change into appropriately compliant dress/or cover up non-compliant dress, as provided by the HS office.  The student will be required to leave as a deposit for the checked-out clothing either a) their cell phone, or b) their non-compliant clothing.  The student will wear the provided compliant clothing for the duration of the entire school day.  The student’s cell phone/clothing will remain in the possession of the HS front office until the return of the checked-out clothing at the end of the school day.