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With the AZ State Public School Tax credit, it can cost you NOTHING to give HUNDREDS of dollars to Desert Marigold School — up to $200 each year for an individual and $400 for a couple!

This is free money for our school!

Your tax dollars go directly to our extracurricular and character education programs.

This is a tax credit, not a deduction, so the full amount is subtracted from what you owe in Arizona income tax. You receive a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount you pay in taxes to the state for the amount of your donation. You can make a donation as late as April 15th and claim it against the previous year’s taxes.*

Everyone can participate! As long as you have Arizona income tax liability, you can make an Arizona Tax Credit Contribution to DMS. If you have already given, find friends and relatives and have them give to DMS! We ask every family to donate their Tax Credit to DMS and invite their extended network to do the same.

*Be sure to consult your tax adviser to determine exactly how the tax credit will impact you personally.

Valley of the Sun Waldorf Education Association – Desert Marigold School – District Number 078964101

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EC Rising Class Class of 2035
Class One Class of 2034
Class Two Class of 2033
Class Three Class of 2032
Class Four Class of 2031
Class Five Class of 2030
Class Six Class of 2029
Class Seven Class of 2028
Class Eight Class of 2027
Class Nine Class of 2026
Class Ten Class of 2025
Class Eleven Class of 2024
Class Twelve Class of 2023

Sustaining Fund

Desert Marigold is a tuition-free but donation-dependent school, and the only K-12 Waldorf-inspired public charter school in the state of Arizona. We rely on the generosity of current and former parents, alumni, extended family, faculty and staff, and friends to provide the critical, unrestricted support that grants our school the ability to hire and retain quality teachers, enhance and sustain Waldorf programming, and ensure our beautiful campus continues to flourish.

To ensure each student continues to receive a well-rounded Public Waldorf-inspired education, we strive for 100% community participation in giving to our annual Sustaining Fund. By contributing to the Sustaining Fund, our generous donors make possible our goals of providing:

● Faculty and staff professional development opportunities and salary increases
● Well-rounded Waldorf programming enriched by arts, music, handwork, and movement
● Campus maintenance and expansion projects

At this time, we are respectfully requesting an annual donation of $1,500.00 per student. Each gift brings us closer to reaching our goals, and no amount is too small. Your participation has an immediate and lasting positive impact on your child, the DMS community, and the greater movement for Public Waldorf education. Thank you for sharing and supporting this vision!

Desert Marigold School is a 501c(3) charitable organization and donations made to DMS are tax-deductible. We appreciate your gift and can accept it through our secure, online form below in either one-time or recurring payments. If you have any questions regarding your individual tax liability, please consult your tax professional.

For questions pertaining to the Sustaining Fund or gifts made to the school, please contact our Marketing & Development Coordinator, Sophie McCurley, at

Your gift is essential to DMS’s ability to provide a high-quality Waldorf-inspired education.
Thank you for your generosity!

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If the purpose of your donation is rendered obsolete the monies will be reassigned as an unrestricted tax credit donation.
Tax ID #: 86-0769535
CTDS #: 07-89-64-101