Developing members of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education respond to unique demands and cultures in a wide range of locations in order to provide maximum access to a diverse range of students. As developing members of the Alliance, DMS intends to ensure that students do not experience discrimination in admission, retention or participation on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion or any other divisive factor. Should you have a concern or question in this area, please contact our Executive Director.

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Successful education of children occurs when there is an active partnership between parents & teachers, a partnership built upon understanding the essential elements of our holistic approach & curriculum.

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We seek to make our developmentally appropriate education available to all, without limitation. The efforts of the whole community through collaboration, volunteering & financial support make that possible.

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Our online application process will guide you through the steps needed to apply. In the Charter Program, we have waiting lists for many classes & admit students based on an annual lottery as State law requires. Open enrollment for the lottery begins on Nov. 1st. To be included in the lottery, all application paperwork must be completed and turned in by Jan. 6th.