A strong partnership between parents and teachers is essential for students to become the best they can be.

DMS is committed to providing your child a rich and comprehensive curriculum that goes well beyond academics. We have not cut the “frills” of the arts, movement and music because we understand how they stimulate the natural creativity and curiosity of each student. In order for the school to maintain this broad curriculum, there are three areas of support to which parents must commit:

Take an active part in your child’s education journey:
  • Assure your child arrives on time and ready to learn.
  • Attend class meetings and parent orientations.
  • Stay in contact with the teachers and support the class parent.
  • Provide a balanced home life in harmony with your child(ren)’s stage of development.
  • Continue learning yourself!
Contribute to the creation of community:
  • Participate in community events and festivals.
  • Volunteer – explore volunteer opportunities as they are added to the calendar

Community can thrive only if everyone shares the responsibility for supporting what benefits us all!

Provide financial support to the best of your ability: