The process to obtain a fingerprint clearance card has changed slightly. Please come back later for an updated FAQ

This page is for VOLUNTEERS only

If you work (or will be working) at DMS, please ask administration which clearance card you need

(step-by-step instructions are below the FAQ)

Do I need a Fingerprint Clearance Card? – Any person who is on campus during the school day is required to have a Fingerprint Clearance card.
– Any person who drives children who are not their own, to any school sponsored event (field trips, etc), is required to have a fingerprint clearance card
How do I get a Fingerprint Clearance Card? By going to
– Schedule an appointment
– Go in and get fingerprinted
– Receive your results/card
What card do I need? You need the IVP card for Volunteers/Students – Public and/or Charter school non-certified personnel (see instructions below)
How much does it cost? About $73, paid when you schedule your appointment. There is not currently a program in place to subsidize this fee, please check back for more information.
Where is it done? Fieldprint has many locations all over Arizona, including one just down the street from the school! See their locations HERE
Why do I need a card now, but didn’t need one in the past? Due to changes in charter school legislation and in order to provide the utmost safety and security for our students, the AZWEA board of directors voted to require fingerprint clearance cards from all on-campus school day volunteers and field trip drivers.
Additional Questions? Visit the fieldprint FAQ section or contact the DMS front office


1. Go to

2. Click ‘Schedule an Appointment’ (fig. 1)

3. Create an account
(if you already have an account, login and click ‘Schedule an Appointment’ in the right side menu)

4. Scroll down to ‘Applying for a Clearance Card?’ 

5. Select ‘Clearance Card – Identity Verified Prints (IVP) – Volunteer or Student’ and click ‘Continue’ (fig. 2)

6. Select Public and/or Charter School Non-certificated Personnel’ and press ‘Save and Continue’ (fig. 3)

7. Follow the directions to fill out your personal information, choose a location, and appointment time.

8. Once your Fingerprint Clearance Card arrives in the mail, bring it in to the front office so that your number can be put on file.

(fig 1)

(fig 2)

(fig 3)