The Complete Game Schedule with Location and Home/Visitor Details can be found here. 

Ultimate Frisbee 2018 Regular Season Game Schedule


Mon. Nov 5

I got the official tournament schedule this morning. It looks as though we are not playing until Wednesday at 4 o’clock.  The game is against Paradise Valley Christian on field #4. It’s sure to be the rematch of the season! Whichever team wins goes on to play the winner of the LFPA and whoever wins Tuesday’s match.  Tuesday’s games are Tempe prep versus Lexus prep only.

Please get the word out to the team and let them know we will practice tomorrow at 3:30 but, no game until Wednesday at 4:00.  On Wednesday we’ll meet in the Science room and head over at 3:00 as usual.

Thanks for your support,
Coach Greg Allen

Our new schedule for the Ultimate tournament is going to be as follows. I know there were some possible conflicts with testing taking place on Saturday, that’s why the reschedule happened. It’s also going to be held at Benedict Park instead of way out on the west side which is fantastic!

Please let me know if you have any questions. Also, we still have our last two regular season (make up) games tonight (Oct 30), I hope to see you all there!

Nov 7th – Semi Finals 4pm, Championship 5pm

Thank you for your support,
Coach Greg Allen

Reminder: Wear your Firebirds Jersey for the Game!

All games are at Benedict park, 474 W Guadalupe Rd.

Wed October 3rd
-DMS vs PV Christian (4:00 field 4)
-DMS vs LFPA Gilbert (5:00 field 4)

Wed October 10th
-Fall Break

Wed October 17:
DMS vs Tempe Prep (4:00 field #3)

Wed October 24th
-No game for DMS

Monday October 29th
-DMS vs Tempe Prep (4:00 field 4)
-DMS vs LFPA Gilbert (5:00 field 3)

Our first two games went extremely well, the team played as if they had been playing for years. Everyone transitioned from on the field to the sidelines where they cheered for their teammates. The team and the spectators all had a blast and we won both games. We’d like to invite the entire student body out to see us play this amazing game of Ultimate Frisbee!

Thank you,
Coach Greg Allen