Class Materials Donation

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Please consider making a Class materials Donation today!  100% of the money donated will go directly to the grade or Specialty Class of your choice.

While there are suggested donation amounts based on grade level, please know that every donation is truly appreciated and extraordinarily helpful!

Suggested Annual Tax Deductible Donation Amount per Student

Grades K-4 Grades 5-8 Grades 9-12
$250 $350 $400

Class Materials Donations

At Desert Marigold School, our faculty provides a Waldorf-inspired curriculum that meets Arizona state educational standards. In doing so, we offer quality educational programming to meet the academic and artistic needs of our students in a sustainable  learning space. Our school offers a curriculum, specialty classes, and a campus like no other in the Phoenix area. As a public charter school, we do receive funding from the state; however, the shortfall between state funding and what is needed to provide a Waldorf-inspired curriculum is approximately $2,100.00 per student. To bridge the gap in state funding to ensure that we can continue to provide this exceptional programming, we ask that each family consider making a Class Materials Donation.

To ensure that you can know exactly where your donations are being used, 100% of the donations received will go directly to the class supply budget of your choice. This will help ensure that teachers can provide your students with all of the materials they need for both regular instruction and also those aspects that are unique to the Waldorf curriculum, including heavy-weight painting paper, Stockmar watercolor paints, silks, beeswax, artist tools, natural manipulatives, crayon and pencil sets for each child as well as teacher resources and other classroom resources.

The class donations do not cover extracurricular activities, field trips, class trips, or special events. More substantial class trips generally involve fundraising to reduce the required parental contribution per student.

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