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Executive Director

The Desert Marigold School Executive Director will be responsible for the successful operation of the school, exercising fiscal and legal authority while managing risk and school resources, in order to ensure that the school’s mission, vision and strategic plan are carried out in excellence and in alignment with the standards outlined in the school’s charter. The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for all faculty and staff and is expected to provide exceptional leadership and communication as well as foster healthy and productive relationships amongst faculty, administration, the community of current and prospective students, and the general public.


Works collaboratively with the Board of Directors by attending meetings as requested, supporting the creation of agendas, and providing an Executive Director’s report as requested.

Oversees the implementation of a school-wide Waldorf-inspired curriculum that complies with state standards.

Schedules periodic review of curriculum standards.

Ensures that the integrity of school-wide assessment and administration of standardized tests is maintained.

Ensures management of faculty and staff is focused on achieving stated program goals, including increasing/maintaining test scores.

Special Education: Attends IEP meetings as needed as LEA representative and participates in service recommendations, also ensures IDEA compliance.

Provides educational leadership consistent with widely known and supported standards such as the ISLLC.

Works with the Board to establish, revise, and execute against DMS’s mission, vision, and strategy as necessary.


Maintains uniform Job Descriptions, submits to the Board for approval as necessary, and makes them
available to the Board and community.

Maintains hiring needs of school, complying with ADE’s standards for charter schools when hiring teachers.

While doing so, ensures appropriate and timely correspondence with candidates.


Supervises Leadership and Development Council (LDC), Support Services Director, staff responsible for enrollment, and other faculty.

Ensures annual review of the Parent, Staff and Student Handbooks with appropriate employees.

Ensures maintenance of high professional standards.

Holds employees accountable for performance and professional goals.

Oversees building and facilities maintenance to ensure a healthy and safe environment.

Oversees student disciplinary actions, implements student suspension and expulsions according to school policy, and maintains a safe school environment with respect for individual differences and diversity.


Oversees the LDC by setting yearly goals and objectives, creating and facilitating an evaluative tool for the LDC’s work to ensure its efficacy, and monitoring its operation and effectiveness.

Oversees hiring of evaluators and evaluation materials and schedules.

Meet with evaluator and each staff member of those directly under the Executive Director.

Complete evaluation with each staff member directly under the Executive Director.

Review evaluations of all other staff members.

Serve as employee discipline and employee conflict or harassment point person.


Responsible for oversight of all financial matters.

Oversees Development Director and assists as needed to coordinate fundraising efforts including grants, community events, etc.

Oversees bookkeeper and accounting function or vendor to promote high standards of account keeping and ensure compliance with GAAP and other applicable accounting standards and guidelines.

Manages a cost-effective system of purchasing, billing, accounting, insurance, etc.

Provides budget input as necessary to the Board to achieve the objectives of the school.

Within budget limits, approves expenditures for operations and maintenance.


Communicates the school’s mission, vision, and values so that all members of the school community understand their roles and contribution.

Edits and contributes to school newsletters as needed.

Oversees the use of social media and other communications channels, including Parent Square, for
school needs.

Attends Parent Council meetings as requested.

Facilitates cooperation with parents by maintaining high visibility and an open-door policy, returning phone calls and emails in a timely manner, and scheduling/attending meetings with parents to respond
to their concerns.

Acts as a liaison between teachers, staff, and parents.

Ensures school’s website is accurate and up-to-date.


Responsible for safety of students, staff, and faculty while on school premises.

Keeps current with state/federal laws and regulations governing charter school operations.

Oversees and monitors effective file/record management, including enrollment, attendance, cumulative student file, personnel, and state testing.

Ensures compliance with appropriate government regulations.

Oversees charter renewal process.

Troubleshoots and manages crisis when necessary.

Abides by charter school policies; amends and updates such policies as needed.

Please note that other duties and responsibilities may be assigned as necessary.


Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree or higher preferred.
Successful administrative experience or a graduate degree in administration.
Demonstrate a commitment to Waldorf pedagogy.

Additional Desired Qualifications and Experience:

Experience leading an organization through a transitional period is desired.
Able to facilitate positive communication.
Able to effectively manage difficult conversations and situations.
Responsibility for and consciousness of the overall student and parent experience, and able to work well and communicate effectively with children ranging from Pre-K to grade 12 and their families.
Demonstrate a commitment to consensus-building as well as conflict resolution to support a stable faculty and staff.

Licenses, Certificates, and Registrations:

Must have AZ DPS Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card.

Job Benefits

Benefits are included.


Reports to: Board of Directors

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Job Location
Phoenix, AZ
Date posted
September 29, 2020
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Position: Executive Director

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