Over Half Way to Annual Tax Credit Goal – Thank you!

This year’s Tax Credit goal is $35,000. As of January, over $22,000 in Tax Credits have been redirected to DMS for the 2018 tax filing year. Thank you!

If you have not redirected your AZ Tax Credit yet, please do so today. You have until April 15th to select Desert Marigold School as your public school of choice and give up to $200 for an individual and $400 for a couple. Your tax dollars go directly to our extracurricular and character education programs.

This is a tax credit, not a deduction, so the full amount is subtracted from what you owe in Arizona income tax. You receive a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount you pay in taxes to the state for the amount of your donation.

If you have already given, find friends and relatives and have them give to DMS!

*A confirmation receipt will be sent to you for income tax purposes. Be sure to consult your tax adviser to determine exactly how the tax credit will impact you personally.

Tax Filing Number (you may use either one)

Valley of the Sun Waldorf Education Association –  07-89-64-000

Desert Marigold School –  07-89-64-101


ONLY $12,400 to go until April 15th!

Soccer Team – Needs Boys and Girls to Join the Team

Desert Marigold Soccer Returns for Spring 2019!

We are happy to announce that soccer season is upon us, and for those 7th-12th grade students who have been waiting to join the team, the time is here!

Coach Allen and Coach Gordillo will fill everyone in on more details, however, some of the basic information is as follows:

  • The team is a grades 7-12 coed soccer team – a specific number of both girls and boys MUST be on the field at all times.
  • Practices will occur on Wednesdays 2:15-4:15pm and Fridays 3:20-5:00pm
  • Games will occur on either Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays to be scheduled
  • The season is February-April
  • DMS will be competing in the AZ Canyon Athletic Association; 2019 Regular Season Division 1, Region 2

Fees – $190 for the season

Coaches Contact Info

Greg Allen gregallen0554@gmail.com

Alfonso Gordillo agordillo@desertmarigold.org


Steps to Enroll (student may not participate until all steps are complete):

It is our intention that all interested students, if eligible, will make the team. Sometimes due to lack of facilities and/or coaches, students will need to tryout for a team and will be evaluated based on ability, attitude, commitment, and effort.

Welcome Staff & Office Changes

New Front Office Changes

We ask that you join in welcoming our new front office receptionist, Gayle Sjoblom, to Desert Marigold School. Gayle has many skills and talents to offer gained from working in the Kyrene School District. Welcome Gayle!

Shannon Rowe’s job title has changed to Business Operations Specialist – Accounts. Shannon is responsible for handling all bookkeeping for DMS. For any inquiries related to school payments/billing please email DMS Billing Accounts – dmsaccounts@desertmarigold.org.

Alexus Robertson’s job title has changed to Business Operations Specialist – Records. Alexus supports HR, personnel records management, enrollment records and student support services. For student support services inquiries please email: studentsupport@desertmarigold.org.

Welcome – Visiting Teacher

Mr. Michael D’Aleo returns to teach main lesson seminar blocks in electricity and magnetism, projective geometry, optical physics, and astronomy in the 11th and 12th grades.

Michael D’Aleo lectures nationally and internationally on the topics of science, education and environmental issues and is a founding member of the Saratoga Experiential Natural Science Research Institute (SENSRI) as the Director of Research. He was a co-founder of the high school at the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs where he taught physical science and astronomy. Mr. D’Aleo is also an instructor of Waldorf School physical science teachers at The Center for Anthroposophy as well as a guest teacher at various teacher training institutions and Waldorf Schools. Mr. D’Aleo has a Mechanical Engineering degree and a Masters degree in Education. Mr. D’Aleo is co-author of the book Sensible Physics Teaching, a guide for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade educators to teach physics in a manner relevant to the experience of the students. He is also the author of Embracing Materialism and Letting It Go – An experiential guide to overcoming an object-based world conception.

Welcome Back Mr. D’Aleo!