Visitor Sign In & Attendance Window

Remember that to help ensure student safety all campus visitors (which include parent visitors) who arrive during school hours must first sign in at the office and receive a visitor’s badge.

School starts promptly at 8:10am (first bell). Students arriving late disrupt the important rhythm at the start of the day. Ms. Shannon will attend to any families (K-8) who arrive late at the new late pass window at the Front Office. Ms. Crystal will attend to any students at the High School Office.

If you arrive at school late (after 8:15 a.m.), students may not go directly to class. Please park your vehicle and walk with your child to the office for a late pass. A parent must complete and sign the pass. We know this adds an extra step to a busy morning but it’s important for safety that we know who is entering and leaving campus during the day. Parents may accompany students in Pre-K – Grade 2 to the classroom, but only students may enter the classroom. Students in grades 3 – 8 will walk to class on their own. High school students receive late passes at the high school office and will walk to class on their own as well.

Lost & Found

Are you missing your water bottle, lunch box or hat? A large Lost & Found pile of items is on the front porch. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity every month.

AZ Heat & Water – Going Green on Campus

The weather in Arizona in the months of May-Sep is very hot and we want to work together to keep your kids safe and comfortable. Parents are asked to ensure students wear cool, comfortable and loose-fitting clothing made of natural fibers during the hot school months. It is important that all students bring a sun hat and water bottle to school as well.

During the day staff ensures students fill up water bottles before they go outside. It is very important that students hydrate before, during, and after being outside for physical activity, movement class, gardening and/or recess. When children are outside, staff encourage students to hydrate and provide frequent breaks in the shade.

We want to make sure water is always available. DMS offers clean filtered water to students, staff, parents and visitors. There are filtered water coolers available in every classroom as well as in the front and HS offices. We also have water jug dispensers on the field and in the garden hut. We are in the process of setting up an additional cooler on the front office porch that will help reduce some traffic jam and spill issues with the previous location. In alignment with our goals of becoming a more eco-friendly and sustainable campus we will no longer be providing disposable wax paper cups but instead will keep reusable cups on hand for anyone who does not have a water bottle available. Please talk to your children about the importance of staying hydrated, the locations of water dispensers, and remind them that they can ask for a reusable cup at the front office if they don’t have their water bottles handy.

Reminder: Early Release on Wednesdays @ 2:05pm

To nurture excellent cross-departmental communication and collaboration, all DMS Faculty and Staff members attend an All Staff Meeting every Wednesday from 2:30-5 pm. The front office closes at 2:30 pm on Wednesdays so that everyone may participate.

On Wednesdays, students not picked up by 2:25 pm are sent to the Extended Care program held in the Farmhouse classroom. To ensure their safety, no children may be left unattended on campus. We know sometimes things happen, and a courtesy one-time occurrence will be granted to those who must pick up late. After the first occurrence we will have to charge drop-in fees for additional late pick-ups.

If you are unable to pick up your child by 2:05 pm, please sign up for Extended Care by using the following link: