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My midwife, Joanna Wilder, introduced us to DMS, and what prompted me to take a tour. The tour was beautiful, however, just left me with a crush. My love story began with Ms Debbie. She immediately folded my family into her love and warmth and soothed me when I was a raw, tired and self critical new mom. She taught us all the love and beauty of service and explained fractions to me in a way that made perfect sense. The love story continued into the garden and deepened there as the roots of my heart found its home and my daughters found the magic and wonder that lives there.  Like any good love story, the turmoil and distress in the garden and at DMS almost broke my heart and cause me to flee the school. Again, Ms Debbie reached out with Ms Heather and Carol Moriarty and folded me in love and warmth. They showed me that strength and magic still existed here, and taught me to hope. My love began to send out little hopeful shoots, as were starting to shoot up in the garden once again. These new shoots found the animal barn and the amazing beings that live there, they taught me about patience, trust and true humanity, this brought kindred spirits into my life and gave me the gift of true love and belonging. My love story with DMS unfolds with every passing day, the treasurers here are endless. My children have their own love stories, and while they are deeply intertwined with my own, I want to leave space for them to share independently from mine when they are ready.
Kerstin Kubina

I attended a small teacher prep program at ASU. One of my peers mentioned Waldorf schools and the methodology used to teach. I was intrigued but didn’t think much on it. My ASU professors heavily supported unit studies and cross curricular education and teaching the whole child. Once I had a kid, I looked into Waldorf education and toured DMS. It felt right for my family, it fit what I was taught as an educator, and every book I read on Waldorf education drew me in more. We started in the parent/child group with Emily Tanner, and everything felt right. We’ve been here ever since.

April Sauer
My love of Waldorf started as a child, we lived close to a Waldorf school and my mother would take us to the garden nursery near the school and we’d look longingly out the car window at the campus and the community of people moving around working together and being one. I knew in my soul I longed for this community, a community of one, and of togetherness. When I became pregnant with our first set of twins I asked my husband to attend an open house at our local Waldorf school.  We fell in love with the idea of a full brain education, teaching children to be critical thinkers, empathic to their surroundings, and open minded to all aspects of their life. As we watched our children grow through Waldorf we knew it was their destiny for education and the community was our destiny for our family.  After years in New York  attending a Waldorf school we have uprooted our family to move here to Desert Marigold.  The campus of Desert Marigold has a soul that envelops anyone who seeks it, a core that is willing to be the root of the child looking to be grounded in their life, and an external force that will provide guidance though a thoughtful education.
Nellie Grossenbacher
My journey into Waldorf education began some 12 years ago when we were looking for a school for our oldest daughter. Initially we wanted a very rigorous “traditional” curriculum, but stumbled upon Tucson Waldorf School. After touring the campus, seeing the love of art, of fostering the inner light of a child, and educating based on developmental stages, we were hooked. After a job change caused us to move to Phoenix, we were elated to be accepted into DMS, where each of our three children have gone
Gregory Schneider

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