Developing Humanity…Social Education for the Future

Holistic education for the head, heart, and hands grounded by direct experience, presentation and practical work. Focused on the understanding that human beings are much more than the sum of the parts.

Developmentally appropriate education that provides rigorous core academic content and more. Through art, movement and rhythm we stimulate wonder, imagination and creativity. Using imagery encompassing the whole history of humankind we engage with the pressing questions of today’s world.

Conscious social education that models positive values and actions, developing tolerance and compassion, respect and discernment, healthy self-image and self-awareness, social skills and the ability to relate. We awaken empathy and an inner moral foundation to create a sense of place and a sense of responsibility.

Integrated education that deepens learning into understanding, challenges critical thinking, sound judgment, and problem-solving skills. Stimulating inner flexibility, resilience and strength of will that are needed to make a contribution as a socially conscious leader for our dynamic 21st century.


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