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A Unique Program of Instruction

Rather than taking a subject such as Biology in 9th grade for a whole year and then not experiencing this subject again, Desert Marigold high school students take many subjects every year in specialized, sequential, seminar blocks (called Main Lessons) of three to four weeks. This approach allows them to fully immerse themselves in a subject with freshness and enthusiasm.

Our students are led by specialists through a rigorous array of content ranging from environmental sustainability to statistics, from comedy and tragedy to the transcendentalists, from world history through art to history through architecture. In addition to these college preparatory intensives, the student receives an accelerated and diverse arts curriculum that meets the needs of the students.

Music, drama, eurythmy, fine arts, physical education and practical arts provide our students with creative personal expression and challenging growth opportunities. Students participate in purposeful community service to support their development as responsible compassionate individuals.

If you have additional questions about the High School or want to schedule a tour, contact the High School Office or call 602-243-6909 Opt 3.


“My experience here has given me the utmost confidence in myself.” – Member of the first senior class
Desert Marigold will be closed for the remainder of the 19/20 school year as we evaluate the ongoing developments of COVID-19 {read more}