One unique aspect of our education is the integration of arts and practical work into the daily schedule. We understand the developmental necessity of providing a rich and broad curriculum, so that the combined effect stimulates the natural creativity and curiosity of each student.

In A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, entrepreneur and commentator on U.S. business, Daniel Pink, observes and projects that many more left-brain, intellectual, or routine functions will be automated in the future. Pink lists six virtues necessary for education in the 21st century: Empathy, Story, Play, Synthesis, Meaning & Design (meaning “integration”) to develop creativity, invention, and the ability to synthesize information from diverse disciplines—the very things that Public Waldorf education does!

Desert Marigold will be closed for the remainder of the 19/20 school year as we evaluate the ongoing developments of COVID-19 {read more}