Wednesday, March 4 – Saturday, March 7

The annual Medieval Games Tournament, hosted by Desert Marigold School, is a unique experience that challenges the student’s head, heart, and hands. The sixth graders from other Arizona Waldorf schools gather on the DMS campus for a three-day hands-on Medieval History lesson. During this event the campus is transformed back into that era with a beautiful display of pageantry. The Medieval Games are a tradition which offers each student the opportunity to practice the seven virtues in his/her own life, build relationships and trust with other squires, develop new physical skills and shine during the two days of challenges. At the Knighting Ceremony the students reflect upon what he/she has experienced, and is recognized at the Closing Ceremony for his/her virtuous acts.

The Medieval Games are celebrated in many Waldorf schools around the world. The pedagogical reasons for The Grade Six Medieval Games undergird the whole event and the preparation toward it. One reason is to provide the beginnings of the child starting to look at himself in a new way, especially in relation to virtue and one’s control over one’s own inner human development. Another is to offer students from a small school the opportunity to connect with other students who are pursuing physical, academic, and moral excellence in a similar way. A third is to step away from our egalitarian social stream into a more ancient hierarchical (and yet still trustworthy) way of being so that each student can see a strong-and-upright leadership model to internalize. This model is very different from the other heroes/leaders our society offers. And there are many other reasons…including that an education can often be enormously fun!

It takes a village…..

This event is made possible by the hard work of Deana Douglas, the class and movement teachers of the participating schools, the Court, the students, parents, adult and student volunteers, and the Desert Marigold Staff.

Deana Douglas, Event Coordinator


602-243-6909 Ext 108

Colleen Pope, Event Caterer & Sign Up Coordinator