Calling All Knighted Students

As is our tradition, we invite all knighted students to return to the Games to help serve at the Feast & Soup Vigil dinners.

  • The Medieval Games Feast is on Thursday, March 5 & the Vigil is on Friday, March 6.
  • This year there are 24 knighted students slots for the Feast and 6 for the Vigil.
  • For the Feast, our knighted students will be assigned to teams and each team will have a captain.
  • To be eligible for a captain slot, students must have at least 1 year of experience serving at the Feast/Vigil.
  • To request a captain slot, interested students should note their request in the comment section of the Sign Up.
  • All knighted students must dress in costume & will be feed dinner.  A lending wardrobe is available in the kitchen.

To sign up, please visit the Sign Up Genius.

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