We would like to invite you to take up the Squire’s Challenge with those students who will be participating in the Medieval Games and the Knighting Ceremony. At our school, the Squire’s Challenge is done for a set number of days, we use 100, and must be completed in order to partake in the Knighting Ceremony. This challenge involves taking up The Seven Virtues and demonstrating them at school as well as at home.  This activity is something parents and teachers will need to be involved in for it to be successful.

Below are two versions to the challenge. Version 1 is the original Squire’s Challenge where successful completion is based on the squire receiving an 80% or higher at the end of the challenge. Version 2 is a modified point system where the squire needs to have been awarded a minimum of 130 points to successfully complete the challenge.



Squire’s Challenge Packet Version 1             Squire’s Challenge Packet Version 2