Alongside this rich academic curriculum, DMS students participate in ongoing Speech classes with a trained Waldorf Speech Artist. Speech engages the whole person – the voice, the breath, the mind and the greater sense of presence and inner aliveness. Speech reaches ‘down’ into our physiology and ‘up’ into our consciousness. Because of this total engagement, it can have a strengthening, integrating, and enlivening effect when studied and practiced through regular exercises, tongue twisters, poetry, story and theater. How the spoken word supports the growing human being changes from early childhood through high school. 

In addition to formal speech classes, the students rehearse and perform plays with their Class Teacher. Traditionally, each class performs a play every year, ranging from puppet shows in the early childhood, short retellings of fairy tales in the early grades to full-length plays and musicals in the middle school and high school. By the time a student has reached twelfth grade, he or she will have acted in many roles, and will have experienced among many things, set design, lighting, and costuming.

In very ancient times of human evolution upon earth, humanity’s revelation in word and sound was not differentiated in song and speech, but they were one. – Rudolf Steiner

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