The Woodwork program begins in Grade 5 when students are introduced to a medium that requires patience, will and dedication. The simple introduction of a block of wood and tool such as a rasp brings about a whole new appreciation for what can be done with your head, hands and heart. By the culmination of a four year woodwork program, the students will work on projects ranging from making a tool like the mallet to using the mallet and other tools to create more complex objects such as a bowl and stool. Wood working class offers students an opportunity to sculpt concave and convex forms and experience seeing and feeling true tangible beauty as a result of their hard work and commitment.


“Generally speaking, it is only in the fourth or fifth grade that most children are ready to cultivate the dexterity and skill of rasping, whittling and carving. Most teachers feel intuitively, more than rationally that there is some wisdom in starting with the egg, followed by spoon and bowl through Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades. The simple convex roundness of the egg is the mother of all forms. The spoon also involves convexity on the back of the bowl, concavity in the bowl itself, plus some straightness with the handle. Furthermore, the egg challenges us to create a symmetrical one part unity, while the spoon challenges us to create a unity from the two different elements of bowl and handle… A bowl must serve a practical function and at the same time it is an artistic experience –one of plumbing the depth of inwardness that resonates with the growing inwardness of the adolescent.” – Michael Howard Woodwork Professor, Sunbridge College.

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