DMS is a public charter school and receives funding from the state of Arizona based on enrollment. However, this funding falls short of what is needed to operate the school in a manner that allows us to achieve our vision and goals, so families are asked to support the school financially. Donations are absolutely critical to bridge the gap. We realize that not all families are able to provide as much monetary support as we request, while some are able to give more than the nominal request. Therefore, we ask each family to consider its relative financial health and donate an amount that they believe appropriate. The suggested annual ‘gap’ donation level is $1,200.

You have committed to a journey with your child. A daily commute to school, a dedication to a balanced home life, creating harmony with your child’s stage of development, and your service to the school. Your commitments are recognized and greatly valued. In addition to your volunteer support, DMS depends on your financial support to offer a holistic education.

Bridge the Gap

Please contribute as much as you can to enable DMS to continue to provide your children a complete program!

Scholarship Gift

This is an education for everyone. Assist families who cannot afford the arts elective and field trip fees.

Tax Credit Gift

Give & receive dollar for dollar in your AZ state taxes. $200 per individual / $400 Couple.


For the latest updates on how DMS is approaching the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, please see our COVID-19 UPDATES PAGE