DMS education is priceless. We offer beyond state requirements while meeting the state standards. The staff and teachers make every effort to fulfill the true needs of the students. We are the only Waldorf School, public or private, that offers Eurythmy and Speech the majority of the school year.

DMS receives an average of under $7,000 per child in state funds. The ‘value’ of a full Waldorf program is at least $10-12,000 per child per year, based on the minimum tuition found at private Waldorf schools!

Counting all government sources, public charter schools receive an average of $1,200 less per pupil than public district schools. The difference primarily occurs because district schools are provided all of their buildings for free, while as a charter school, all of us at DMS have to fund them ourselves.

We stretch our funds and manage them well, but your support is imperative. Whatever you can give is valued and worthy. $1,200 annually per student covers the gap. Sign up today to start $100 Monthly contributions.

Most importantly, we need to keep building the school so that it will be strong and thrive into the future – so that multiple generations of families will have the possibility of a public Waldorf Education that has not been compromised!districtvcharter_linegraph

Please contribute as much as you can to enable DMS to continue to provide your children a complete program!


All contributions are tax deductible.