Just as those before us have “gifted” the present DMS, our efforts will shape the DMS that we give to the future.

Annual Giving Goal = $45,000

This learning oasis wouldn’t exist without the many hours of volunteer service, fundraising and financial support that parents, family and community members like you contribute.

As a tuition free public charter school, Desert Marigold receives the majority of its funding from the state of Arizona but this funding falls short of what is needed to offer a complete holistic education for our children.

This year’s ‘gap’ represents 5% of our total funding and is “bridged” through tax credits, fundraising and your annual giving. It could easily be larger if we tried to include all the unmet needs in one year. Each year we try to see what is most urgently needed and this year the priority is patios and roofs.

Specifically, we need to place a front porch on the 3rd and 4th Grade building. Also, upgraded metal replacement roofs are needed. These additions and repairs will serve our community for years to come.

The sky is the limit, with a roof over head!


Special thanks to our volunteer architect, Gwen Butler, for her professional services.